Dreaming big and the reality

What I want for the future is a world with less poverty,misery etc. I want to help the world be a better place, do my part in the process and help as many people as I can. Those are my plans for the future. Setting up an orphanage, building a  hydro-electric power plant, governing a school according to my ideals, going from place to place helping people from under privileged areas and more……..

So when I think about what I want to become I can’t decide. What would be best? What am I interested in? My family wants me to be a doctor. I love science and yeah I can save lots of lives and what not. But I want to help cure diseases too….and that falls under the category of Biochemistry,I think.

Then there’s the problem of which university to apply for…Its so difficult to choose.Lol even if I manage to choose its so damn hard to apply! There are like so much procedures and what not. For someone as lazy as me its too much of a hassle. But its got to be done I guess.

I want to do as much as I can. But I need to be independent for that. So I need to study and get myself a job too so that I have the finance to carry out my plans. I’m still gonna try my best and do what I can even now. I might join a SOS village as an intern over the summer, maybe a hospital too if my parents allow it. Lets see….. imagining something is so much easier than implementing it. I need a full scale plan, but its seems like so much work. Don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it. It just means that I’m trying…..


4 responses

  1. How old are you at the moment?


      1. I was trying to work out why I had asked you that, seeing as it was over a month ago LOL.

        I think it’s because your post says you have a lot more common sense and intelligence than the age it implies you are – which is a teen.

        I think you should do what your heart desires. It is better to do something you enjoy than be stuck in a loop of doing something you don’t


        1. Yeah I’m working on that…..The main problem with me is that I don’t get much freedom….still I’ll get to it,hopefully.


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