Yeah,blame life

“Oh my god! I lost my job! I was cheated! I was so valuable to the company! eff life.”

Yeah that what we hear on an almost daily basis I’m guessing since the world is going through a recession. And yeah its the easiest and the most logical thing to say at the time. Saying this stuff allows us to rant freely and in a way makes it easier handle. Did you know that its actually a proven fact that swearing or expressing your pain in any way actually lessens the pain.

So OK when something bad happens your entitled to a little rant here and there but afterwards you need to move on. Don’t start to actually believe the crap that came out of your mouth during the anger sessions. That stuff was just to make you feel better. Not all of it was actually true. If you were so valuable how could any company,institution whatever be dumb enough to cut you loose? Obviously there was someone better. So after your initial disappointment wears off analyse the reasons and try and block out your emotions so you can have a clearer picture.

Instead of blaming all your problems on the fact that life’s unfair, DO SOMETHING about it. Sitting around moping aint gonna get you no where people! Neither is leaching off of other people. You have a problem, FIX IT. Its not going to get up and fix itself. Yeah the stuff that your going through might not even be your fault, but that’s not gonna make a difference. The problem or difficulty will still be there no matter whether its your fault or not so you might as well tackle it and get it over with.

I’ve seen people get beaten down and instead of thinking about how to solve the issue they sit around telling whoever asks a full fledged one sided sob story and expect the other person not to look at it logically but to look at it with a critical air and agree with everything they say. I actually wanna say, ” dude,sitting here aint gonna solve nothing,lets do …………………” But I’m a coward. I’m actually working on the guts to say something to these people, but my problem is that I’m not good with words so when I mean to say something helpful…….It comes out rude,I think. So yeah as I said I’m working on that.

Basically the message is, don’t waste your time and energy looking at the past and pointing fingers. Accept the facts and work with them to bring about something in your favour. No one else is going to do that for you. You have to do it yourself.


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