Yeah this is how they torture us



It wasn’t THAT bad….I kinda like studying cause its interesting but this time we had double lesson and it was a little over whelming (we did more than this,another page or two).

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  1. LOL… I must be a lil sciNerdy.. that looks like fun!


    1. It is pretty interesting but too makes you think ‘theres more?! D: ‘ 😛


  2. Ugh, College is gonna kill me, I’m a freshman, But whew.. that homework looks complicated! :p


    1. Homework? This is CLASSWORK 😛 Homework is pretty tough too plus the assignments


  3. So glad I left school 30 years ago lol


    1. Lol you should be! Sometimes it gets pretty crazy


      1. Yeah I’ve seen some of the homework my kids bring home. My 14 year old daughter asked me to help her with some of it, I looked and my response was “what the hell is that?” LOL


        1. Haha xD my face during math and physics


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