One way kindness

It’s easy to be kind and considerate of people who return the favour or at least acknowledge it. When the other person just totally ignores it you get kinda miffed. Like ‘I’m reaching out to you and you’re not even giving me a second thought’. It makes you want to just ignore them too, like ‘forget you’.

But I don’t believe you should do that. I mean true the other person couldn’t care less but that doesn’t mean that you should be just like them and do the same. You didn’t like it and if you do the same thing to them then that makes you just like them, something that you dislike. I’m not gonna change who I am for one person (except my brother :P). So I’m just gonna suck it up and keep trying to reach out and be kind and considerate and hope that one day the person reaches back.

Even if they don’t……you tried right?


5 responses

  1. Couldn’t have agreed more to this post! I can totally relate 🙂


  2. You’ve got the right attitude there. Don’t lower yourself to their level. You are better than they are.

    As you say – you tried. Well done to you 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 Yeah its me and the person have history but I’m working on forgiving and forgetting


      1. Shows you to be a good person if you can forgive and forget. It’s not an easy thing to do.

        Well done, and don’t give up on them.


        1. Don’t plan on it 🙂


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