My dear friend

I look around

Seeing the holes your absence has left

Who ever knew they’d be as deep as they are

But wait, they’re not just there

They’re in here too

In a heart that yearns for your presence,my dear friend

In a heart that knows skyping isn’t enough

Knows that the times are only gonna get more tough

My dear friend won’t you come back?

And fill my world with what it lacks

12 responses

  1. if it really was a friend…why are they gone?


    1. She had to move to the US
      It’s actually about two of my friends, the other one went to live in Saudi Arabia.


        1. Yeah….we talk almost everyday on facebook. But its not enough…..


          1. well at least the connection is still alive. foster that.. and i hear fb has a video option now..


            1. Yeah, I guess. Thanks for the concern 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m a little new to poetry so if you have any tips I’d enjoy hearing them


      1. Mine just spill out and I let them go.

        I was told that when you feel it just write it down and go with it. 🙂


        1. Yeah that’s what I try to do too 🙂


          1. Sometimes I am walking along the road and I think of something then try and find something to associate with that


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