Meaning to life,of life

Life seems so bleak these days. Meaningless and useless. Doing the same things day after day with little variations or alterations, the same meaningless chatter and the same routine. I find myself sitting in the middle of a class or a conversation just thinking ‘What’s the point of this?’. Its deadening my perspective and I’m not enjoying it. I don’t know what to do to make myself stop thinking like this but its a direction my thoughts inevitably take. So then what is there to do?

I don’t believe that there’s nothing after death. There has to be. I was talking to a friend yesterday and she raised some great arguments against common atheist questions. They say that the since the universe is so huge with so many galaxies, the chances that one planet among these billions can support life isn’t far fetched. They say that the Earth isn’t made for us but we’re made for the Earth. We adapted to the Earths atmosphere and the Earths environment;not the other way round. But then why haven’t any other life forms adapted to the conditions on their planet? Why don’t we discover living things on Mars which need carbon dioxide the way we need oxygen. Or if its the lack of water which hinders them then why haven’t we found any fossils since recent research has shown that Mars did once have water……why didn’t they find a way to come into existence?

I guess I should concentrate on carrying out the duties my beliefs tell me to. They’re not hard, everyday things that we should do anyway. Pray, give charity, be generous to others, be a good neighbour, be a source f comfort for other people, be compassionate, treat guests like royalty, swallow my pride and anger etc.

Some people say they live life in a way that will leave a mark on the world, in history. But still……what good does that do you? Your dead. You might say that your future generations will be proud but again that doesn’t matter anymore….. It’s a pretty twisted reality unless you have a belief in an afterlife……….food for thought………..

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  1. I believe very strongly that there is a life after death. It doesn’t ends with death because eternity is after that. I think most people don’t believe in it because we have no data about how the life-after-death would be, like in books and all.
    When everything has a purpose, life will surely have a deeper purpose beyond our thoughts!


    1. Exactly! And I don’t think anyone will ever find any proof to say that a Creator exists or not because we’re being tested for our faith. If Allah/God doesn’t want to be found He won’t be.


      1. You are right, it is certainly a test of faith. Even in other mediums of worship, you technically cannot see ‘God’. It’s just something representing God.


  2. Some people will leave a mark on this world, I know a few who will leave a stain 😉

    I think your friend is right, we would be conceited to think we are the only people alive in the universe. There has to be something out there.

    As for the day to day humdrum, something will come along and will change your perspective of everything. You will be in the middle of doing something and BAM! your life takes a twist in an unexpected direction. Don’t give up on everything yet, you’re only young


    1. I hope so, I feel somewhat better now. And I never ever plan on giving up no matter how bleak things look 😀


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