The Joy of uncovering the unknown

A glimpse of my work

Ok so I’m no programmer but my future goals demand that I know how to make a decent website myself. So with that in mind as well as the thought that it couldn’t really be that much harder than making a blog, I signed up to make our school’s literary societies web page. I was doing great according to me and it felt so good to be good at it. You know the feeling, when you’ve never done something before but you find out that you have an unexpected knack for it? Well that was the feeling.

It was ten times better when I found a way to connect to Google maps xD I felt like proper Einstein!

Moving on so here I was in my little bubble of happiness and then a dude with a really sharp needle comes and pops it by asking me if I know what html is. Lol I had no clue and it turns out I knew very little, but with the help of a friend we both learned most of the kinks in a day and improved the site greatly. My bubble was back! ^_^ And this time it’s here for keeps, hopefully that is.

We faced a problem with the background and the other Media Heads were toying around with the template so that we could customize the background as per our demand. After supplying the picture I went to check what they had done to site and in their doodles I noticed how they were planning on going about their business. But instead of them I did it and can you believe they never even noticed! It was actually pretty amusing. I mean come on stuff doesn’t fix itself. If neither of you guys did it obviously it was the other Head. Haha xD Anyway so that’s the story of my road to learning how to design websites.

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  1. Get yourself a free program called Notepad++ ( When you are doing some html work (and eventually go into Java and Javascript) using that program can highlight errors that you may make. When I was doing my Open University course on web design, that was a brilliant asset to have.

    Also, well done 🙂 In case they want to know, it’s Hyper Text Markup Link HTML 🙂


    1. Wow no way!! You were interested in web designing?! You have gotten 10 times cooler in my eyes! And thank you so much for the program and information. 😀 I didn’t know what Html stood for 😛


      1. 😀 Thanks

        I had written a couple of web sites for people, for a couple of companies, but everything went to pot when I went through my divorce, and too much had changed .. in myself and web design programs .. that I didn’t bother when I came out the other side.


        1. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you enjoy the work you do now.


          1. My work involves looking after my kids and visiting blogs 😉


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