Staying quiet

It’s alright to tease someone every now and then as a joke. But consistently degrading them is plain wrong. They have feelings too, they aren’t made of rock and ice. They may laugh with everyone else in front of you, but inside it’s tearing them apart. They begin to actually believe what you say and start feeling depressed. They’ll do dumb things out of this depression to find some way to ease their pain and sense of failure. You won’t know of any of this until it’s too late, and you’ll be left asking yourself whether or not the few minutes of popularity, when everyone laughed at your joke at the expense of that poor soul, was worth it. And trust me, it never will be.

There are other people out there too. The ones who stay quiet while all this goes on. Knowing inside that it’s wrong but taking no action whatsoever in putting it to a stop…..they say those who stay quiet are just as guilty of the crime as the one committing it. You know it’s wrong so why not say something? You can step up to defend your favourite band, singer, actor, movie etc. but when it comes to moments like this why do you hesitate?

I’m no saint……I’m actually these days guilty of the latter…..being silent. But every time everyone laughs, I’m left trying to think of what to say. It’s wrong and I acknowledge that. That’s why I’m trying to come up with a way to say it properly. The ones who say the things are older and bigger than me 😛 gotta be careful. Joke.

I said something once to them but I know it’s not enough. I’ll have to step it up. InshAllah next time I will definitely say something. I’m tired of feeling guilty every time and knowing I could have said something.


3 responses

  1. AnElephantCant help agreeing
    It is ok to tease someone you love
    When it is just one on one
    It is good silly fun
    But in front of others what are you thinking of

    It is time to stand up and say whoa there
    When someone you care for feels pain
    It isn’t a joke
    To ridicule folk
    Even AnElephant can be more humane


  2. You’ve addressed a very nice topic, I am guilty of the latter too. A stand should be taken!


    1. I said something today 😀 Success!


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