Drowning myself in everything near and far

To occupy my thoughts from straying too far


Not completely understanding why

I mean I was completely fine, wasn’t I?


The rug was pulled and it became evident

The mess underneath was beyond the expectant


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

The whirlwind of emotions, let rip inside


The will to fight was long gone

With a sigh I was done.

6 responses

  1. I like so much the tittle of your blog, cheers!!!!!!


      1. You are totally welcome!!!! =)


  2. Don’t give up. Things will get better. Nothing can stay in one place for long. Remember, the bad times show us how good the good times are. Look in the mirror and smile – smile with your eyes. not just your mouth. 🙂

    Take care, Sleepy


    1. Aww thanks Alastair! 😀 That brought a genuine smile on my face. THANKS!


      1. I’m glad, you’re welcome 🙂


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