Shifa Inter-Scholastic Tournament 2013

Background flex of the stage

Background flex of the stage

The Shifa Inter-Scholastic Tournament 2013 held in Faisal Mosque was awesome! Granted that yes there was a little mismanagement, mostly technical difficulties, but I have yet to attend an event were there weren’t any difficulties. Having organized an event myself I know that you can’t foresee everything.
It was delightfully refreshing to see so many people so enthusiastic about Islam. The competitions were stimulating and the people friendly to no limit. The SIST team was so co-operative, they listened to every problem, big and small with patience and tried their best to fix them. Most events I go to, the people are too busy trying to be everywhere that they don’t respond well to complaints or difficulties. They tell you they’re sorry and that there’s nothing they can do about it now.
They refreshed the participants’ memory about the teachings of Islam while at the same time allowing them have fun. There was Islamic jeopardy, art, calligraphy, short filming, tajweed (recitation of Quranic verses with the proper pronunciation), debates, journalism etc. I took part in journalism and jeopardy, though I was only serious for journalism.
People came from all over Pakistan and the Youth Club along with the SIST team had arranged for Islamic speakers to hold seminars from 3:30-8:00 for both days i.e. 9th and 10th February 2013. My favourites were Imran Mansur and Kamran Kiyani, the others were great too but these two really grabbed my attention and kept it. They’re speaking style wasn’t he typical boring monotonous type. It was full of energy and thought provoking. The theme this year was ‘Six feet below and beyond’ i.e. death, life after death and its inevitability. Everyone who attended sat in rapt attention during any and all speeches, not something too common. People normally doze off and chatter amongst themselves. Time flew as lecturer upon lecturer took the stage and gave us all things to ponder about, to question our habits and our hobbies.

My badges and team card

My badges and team card

I plan on trying my best to go next year too and to take lots of people with me. People should host more events like this so that the youth can get involved and get back on track. We just need people to remind us in a way we understand.

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