Rant on Pride, Feuds and Tactics

These things are what keep us distant from each other. That don’t allow us to live in peace. To love one another as fellow humans, as one species, as one. When we look at each other we don’t look at our similarities, we see only the differences. You see someone new, your eyes wander to their attire, whether they’re rich or poor, fashionable or plain. We look to see if they’re white or black. Whether they’re muslims, hindus, christians or jews. What we don’t see is that they have two eyes, they have a mouth, they have hands they are humans. We are humans. Why is that not enough?
When children fight they can be seen happily playing with each other the next day. The past in the past, no grudges. And what do we do as we age? We bicker amongst each other over the pettiest matters. Let other people make decisions for us. Hold grudges and start feuds. Tearing families apart, emotionally scarring our kids and spreading misery to every thing we touch. I don’t get it. It boggles my mind why people who are fighting, would drag their squables for years. Not talking to each other and not letting anyone talk to them. Well  they do let people talk to them if those people are fueling the flames. Yes, in that case they’re all ears but you bring up a solution and they start arguing with you. Is it really that hard to let go of your pride, talk everything out and move on? To look at the argument from another angle? To admit that you could in fact be wrong, that maybe it’s partly your fault?
Do we HAVE to make life complicated? If you like someone,tell them. Don’t keep them guessing. Take a deep breath, tell them and continue your life with an easy mind. You will never wonder what could have happened. What might have been. You can rest easy. All or nothing. It’s this pride we have inside us that stops us. The fear of humiliation and rejection binds us with an iron grip that halts progress. We have to let go of this hubris, this ego and face our fears.
Unresolved disputes should be resolved and things you keep bottled up should be said.


8 responses

  1. I missed this when I had my day off.


    1. No worries 😀 Ur my number one supporter regardless ^^ Thanks for your time Alastair.


      1. 🙂 Thanks and you’re welcome. I like to visit your blog.

        This post is one that I can definitely relate to. Racism, sexism, agism any other ism really bugs me. As you say – we all have the same eyes, nose, mouth. The worst one going on at the moment is the sever homophobia. Some people have said that meteors in Russia was God showing he was angry at gay people. Maybe it was him showing he was angry at homophobes!! I’m not gay myself, but I know a fair few people who are (and for some I think “what a waste” 😆 ) nobody is any different to anyone else. Got a problem? Play Chess. Or Risk.


        1. Hahahaa xD I know right! Let people live their own lives peacefully, it’s not upto us to dictate them. But people are find it hard to accept differences.


          1. That they do. It’s inbred from their parents and their parents before then and theirs etc. It just needs to take one person from a family line to change it, and they will change the whole outlook of their family.


            1. And thats the truth. (Y)


  2. Every word of this is so true! Great Job!


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