Change of glasses?

You see the world from your point of view, your window. At a specific angle with its specific tint. It’s the same world that everyone else is viewing and part of…..but do you see it the same? Of course not. What we see and what other people see are two different things. They may intersect in some areas but their are large diffractions in others.

Now that’s fine……but it’s really shocking when you see something and it turns out that you were totally and utterly wrong. That everything was in your head. You deny it at first but as the possibility dawns on you it shifts your whole perspective. You begin to question the authenticity of everything. Does thart girl passing in the corridor talk to you because she likes you or because she wants to seem cool? Do the people around you like you for you or do they just want to use you? Does that guy like you or is it just your over active ego?

The questions rise, and you begin to fall…..You don’t know what to say and what not to say. You begin to doubt yourself…..another question reverbrates through the confusion….Should I change my glasses? It might be unconscious or conscious but nonetheless it is so. The world of fantasies and delusions you loved is the mirage you created. You don’t wish to let it go, but it seems practical. But then again is it practical? The glasses or perspective your considering is dull and lifeless i.e mature according to society. You don’t see the best in people, you suspect everyone of ulterior motives. Life seems like a constant war with battles everywhere. Is that how you want to live?

A life like that seems pretty depressing. I think I’m gonna try and rebuild my mirage. People are gonna hate you and doubt you no matter which glasses you choose. So why not choose the ones that make you happy? You might fall every now and then but wearing the other pair means that your always in the pit. The main reason people get depressed. Isn’t that why childhood is so carefree? If no one ever let go of the little children inside themselves the world would be a happier, friendlier place. Forget the plots and the schemes. The masquerades and the masks. Just be who you want to be, but not at the expense of other people. There’s a difference between free speech and bullying. Know it, tread it, enjoy it.


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