Be cautious, be very very cautious

Sometimes you just can’t help it. Your thoughts run amok and you end up doing something mind blowingly stupid in the whirlwind of emotions that make you see everything through red tinted eyes. It’s jealousy and anger. They’re nothing short of drugs, ones that are harder to lose the habit of than weed or marijuana.
Maybe it’s just me, but it’s so easy to fall into the trap of jealousy as well as anger. It’s so tempting. Your mind comes up with the most imaginative, not to mention persuasive conspiracies. These conspiracies paint a picture in your mind so vivid, descriptive and informative that you actually curse yourself for being so blindly oblivious to it before. These feelings and thoughts are your minds defense system, in order to explain someones success and your failure. I mean, how could you be wrong? I might seem selfish saying this stuff, heck for all I know I probably am, but my defense system doesn’t want to admit it yet…… But deep down, I think we all have moments of weakness where we resent those who are successful. It eats away at us and we become what the world calls ‘haters’. Oh how easy it is to be cynical, how easy it is to pull people down since most of us are plagued with inferiority complexes. It helps get out our anger and frustration…….. though, you’ll find that becoming a critic, ruthlessly tearing people down, leaves you with no one. All the things you did out of jealousy come to haunt you because more often than not, you had it all wrong. You doubted one of your closest friends, said things, did things and ended up finding yourself in the middle of a mountain sized mess that not even Captain Jack Sparrow and all his wit could get you out of.
It’s hard to be the bigger person, well technically you’re not being ‘bigger’ than anyone else, you’re actually un-addicting yourself from a drug that makes your life hell. People succeed, people fail. That is life. It might hurt, it might be awesome, though usually it’s a balance of both. If you find yourself envying another, just think, what is it about them that you like? then think, why don’t I be more like that? If someone is nice and sweet and people like them and not you, it doesn’t give you reason to think that the aforementioned person is acting like that or that they’re fake. Instead admire that person and try and adopt those qualities too. Mostly when we’re jealous of people, it’s because we wish we could be more like them. Well you can, admire those qualities and try and make them your own, don’t waste you energy on being jealous. It’s destructive. I know its hard, I was recently so jealous of someone that I could hardly sleep. It got to the point that I began to hate that person, but I realized after a few days that I valued our friendship more. I discovered that the reason I resented them, was because I was incapable of the same feats. I’m trying to be  more open minded. I mean we all have our own talents right? Instead of wasting time wishing we could be excellent at everything, we could either try and improve ourselves or we could be content with just admiring.
But just be careful, while your still jealous try and watch what you say. Silence is best.


3 responses

  1. When you see someone with abilities, don’t be jealous of those abilities, think of your own abilities, There are things that you can do that others can’t. There are things that you can say that other people think “why didn’t I think of that” you do things that make a difference to people’s lives. Think about what other people admire about you. Don’t change for other people. I tried to be like other people, and I failed dramatically. So then I was me. That made a huge difference.

    Don’t be jealous
    Be you
    Don’t envy others
    Be you
    Don’t try to be like others
    Be you
    Above everything
    Be you

    You are you Aamna. You are a great person. There is only one Aamna Aziz Jaspal. That person is unique, and amazingly fantastic. Remember, there are people who will be envious of you 🙂


    1. Alastair without fail, you are among one of the best people I know. Thank you so much for always being there to cheer me up. 🙂


      1. I’m glad I could help, and I meant it


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