Musings Part 3

Entry tests, entry tests, entry tests everywhere >.< There go my summer vacations down the drain. It’s such a drag, having to study rather than have fun with ones cousins and partying with ones friends. Funny thing is that I have an entry test tomorrow…..the one to my ideal university, and here I am, writing. Before you start pointing fingers let me just say, I need this. I’ve been itching to write for the past week but I’ve always managed to keep the drive at bay…… but now that I’m also staying away from Facebook, this is like my only outlet so let me be. 😛
Dammit, there are so many people competing in the tests and only one hundred or so get selected. Guess what my roll number is? 00003335. I can safely say there are 3334 people I’m up against and I can estimate that the actual number is in fact a lot bigger. *sigh* Well I’m drinking Sting(energy drink) so that should give me an edge 😉 haha, no wait don’t laugh….I need what little I can get ok. xD And this is only the first entry tests in a long list, line, queue of entry tests……just the thought makes me sleepy.
And if I get left behind? Oh crap that’s a depressing prospect. I should have had a back up plan. xD If I don’t get into medical it’ll be catastrophic, but no, I will never let that happen. I’l go beg for an acceptance if I have to……yes, I am that desperate. You know the creepiest part? I’ve heard that in the interviews the —(ideal uni) people hire psychiatrists to observe the candidates. So while we’re stuttering our way through the interviews we’re going to have to ignore the person in specs, scrutinizing our every minute movement, and taking notes with worried expressions. I swear if I see a frown from that psychiatrist I’m going to bolt, I mean it’s highly probable that they realized I’m actually a serial killer. o.o Or worse, that I’m not — material. Though what are they thinking? Psychoanalyzing us when we’re terrified out of our wits, we’re obviously gonna exhibit some sort of mental disorder. I might be bipolar to them, and the girl before me probably had OCD. Oii smart people, we’re tense, let us be.
Oh and I used ‘—‘ in case the — people find this offensive in any way. The uni isn’t actually called — its actually………………  Oh look, some almonds. 😉


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