Unwarranted Jealousy

Ok this post is going to be a bit cynical and it’s just an opinion so I don’t want anyone to start fighting over the content. Chill, I know people are different…..I’m just giving my opinion and this stuff is somewhat true for me too, as bad as it is. I just needed to write it…… I don’t know why, just did.

Well here’s the deal, us girls and by us girls that includes me, or maybe just me I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure other people can relate too, well when we see people succeed at something we get jealous. Sure we put on a smile congratulate them maybe even compliment them but inside we resent them. The fact is, it’s not them we resent, but ourselves. We’re internally kicking ourselves for failing or not trying enough. This could be true for guys too.

It might not even be a competition. It could be that we’re jealous of someones good looks, their grace, the way they get along with everyone, how they have a better easier life, anything. We dislike that person because being around them or talking to them just reminds us of our shortcomings. The dislike turns to hate when people start preferring them over us, or treating us differently, They might not even actually be doing anything but once you start hating someone, everything they do seems wrong to you. You see everything through prejudiced eyes that amplify everything and read too much into situations. You try to contain your hate but it starts to show. You turn hostile towards them and maybe even start demeaning them. The poor soul hasn’t even done anything, our own insecurities have made them a victim. We’ve seen it in countless movies, pretty girls get shunned by other girls just because of their looks, even if they’re nice. People feel threatened when someone’s better than them.

I’m ashamed to say that yeah I do it too…….. I try not to, but you know it just gets to your mind. You pity your own flaws and resent the other person for being so perfect. You start looking for flaws in them and that’s wrong. The first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge it. I’m not saying that no one ever congratulates someone genuinely no no, that’s not true. I know I honestly get happy when someone succeeds or accomplishes something. Jealousy situations are less, but they are there. Lol they can be as small as this; like when someone who always gets the highest in class says they never study, you tend to get angry at them and your like ‘ yeah right’, and you think that that person is such a liar when it could in fact be true. I’m speaking from experience here. It is actually possible.

I apologize if I over emphasized girls but I just felt that girls get jealous more. Boys do too though, they’re not perfect. The point of the post was just to make you think before you start disliking someone. Honestly ask yourself what the real reason is that you don’t like them. Food for thought.


2 responses

  1. I don’t think you’re being cynical, really. I think this is just the harsh truth. In most cases.
    It usually applies to people with a strong desire to be good at everything. And girls do tend to be perfectionists. They usually try to be nice to everyone and good at everything. Guys are more laid back but they have a lot of pride too. So I guess this applies to both guys and girls.
    This post was though-provoking! 🙂
    I like your blog! I’m new at this but I hope you visit my blog as well. 🙂


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