People are cowards, I shall vent here

We go about our lives, running here and there, either too busy to pay attention or just too ignorant to try. The fact is, life’s slipping by our fingers. Every moment is one we can’t take back. We just care about getting the job done, not giving time to anything else in the process and so our relationships with our family, our friends, begin to wither.

You don’t realize it at first. It’s just a few days you tell yourself as you throw yourself into studying for an exam, arranging an event, finishing a project, etc. But you end up distancing yourself and by the time you realize it; the damage is extensive. And as if that wasn’t enough we have our ego’s and pride to deal with. No one wants to reach out. We begin to wait for the other person to come to us. Getting more and more frustrated and more and more stubborn as the time elapses. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months.

I say to hell with waiting for the other person to take the first step. Take the initiative yourself. People don’t do it because they hate feeling vulnerable. Buncha cowards. Sorry but I’m just annoyed at people’s utter lack of faith. Faith that we’re all humans, that we all get lonely sometimes and that we all need someone. Faith that if you reach out, in time the other person will too, and they won’t think less of you for it.

You know one day I decided to not text anyone, to see who  would text me. I got pretty depressed when no one, and I mean NO ONE texted me all day. Lol, then I got even more depressed for a couple of days and no one really even noticed. That did not help. One of my friends did. By chance, but the overall results really irked me. But the sadder I got the more I realized no one was going to help me out, that I would have to do it myself. I did, not totally fine, but yeah, as happy as one can make oneself alone.

All in all what I learnt was people need a push. And you know what…….. I actually decided that I’m ok pushing them. I’m ok with cheering them up and listening to their day to day lives because I care about them. I hate how they don’t try and reach out to me, so if I don’t either then I’m doing the same thing. I can’t force them to care for me, but my love doesn’t need to be returned to be there, so there. Sappy, but I’m no saint. I still get annoyed every once in while. I just think there’s already enough sadness in the world. I want to be the reason someone smiles, someone knows they’re not alone. We’re all fighting here…. Life’s not easy. No ones life is easy. Why make it harder?


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  1. You’ve given me a smile today….and I think you’re right about so much of what you said. Sometimes just the thought of knowing (usually long afterwards) eventually someone will say “hey…thank you, you made such a difference for me in my life.” ~We each have our role to play and you sweet friend are playing yours with style and grace…the very best in my opinion!! 😀


  2. I’m certain who smile because of you…you just can’t always see it! Today…you made me smile! Thanks:)


    1. Yay! Cheers to the victories 😀


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