The art of Friendship

Maybe I go about friendship wrong. We all have our own ways to make friends. My ways had worked for me so far, but PMC has me stumped. Not that I’m complaining, I’m still not sure whether I mind it or not, after all I already have awesome friends, they just don’t go to the same university.

Ok so my belief or method is that I think it should be natural, gradual and strengthen over time. I’m quick to call people my friends, I rarely put people in the acquaintance list and if you’re there, I don’t really like you much. But there’s a difference between a friend, and A FRIEND. A close friend. Those people can’t be forced, or rushed. Plus I don’t like imposing myself so I don’t force someone to walk for me or wait for me but what I’ve noticed is that other people do do that. It makes me wonder if that strengthens friendship and if that is indeed the way to go. My best friend, Nafisa, used to do that i.e make me and my other friends walk everywhere together. The very thought of us separating even to go do some work seemed scandalous to her. She would make a super dramatic expression of outrage and drag you the other way. I miss that a little, though I hated it times then. It was so annoying; I mean you need space to breathe sometimes. But it was sweet in a way, NOW that I think about it.

I’m actually pretty new at this. Haha go figure, I’ve been in the same school for a little over seven years with my close friends for five. Hmmm, so it took two years for me to get close to people then. xD Perhaps I’m just impatient now. Oh well. But I still can’t impose. I wonder how people do it straight up. Maybe I should just a little. Today I was walking the streets in the university when I saw a person who had a mutual friend with me, walking with a new kid who came today. They’d been inseparable since second period and it was the end of the day. Seeing them is what inspired this article. I mean I don’t do that, maybe I should, I just observe people and admire their qualities but don’t go up to them abruptly. I think I did before, when Nafisa joined my old school I appointed myself as her guide and hung out with her……… hmmmmmm. I’ll give it time, I’ve only been going a month.


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  1. Well it was nice reading your thoughts about friends and FRIENDS. I personally agree with you, best friends can never be forced. Great blog you have here 🙂 Have a good day ! xx


    1. Thank you for the feedback ^_^


  2. A month is not long. Especially not if you are a shy person. Speaking to people on a blog or in an email is one thing because you don’t see the other person. It is words on a piece of virtual paper. Talking to someone is different. There are facial expressions, eyes watching you, ears listening to you.

    You’ll get there, Aamna. 🙂 Smile


    1. I know I say this every time but thanks for your support Alastair. 😀


      1. You are always welcome. It’s a pleasure to visit your blog


  3. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on The Art of Friendship. Here are my thoughts:


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