What’s the worst that could happen

You know compliments are kind of weird. You can’t say that people don’t give them because lots of people do, and you can’t say people do give them because lots of jealous people don’t. But you should! And you know what? You should give them even more when you’re a stranger to the person. Like if you’re walking by someone and you see a drawing or something, and you genuinely like it, stop by and say it. First of all, why not? What’s the person gonna do to you anyway? Second of all, a stranger’s compliment is a pretty great thing. I mean your friends won’t ever tell you the truth, well even if they are telling  you the truth you don’t really believe them, but a stranger is reliable. I mean you’re totally objective. You could have walked by without saying anything if you didn’t like it, but the fact that you actually liked something enough to say it makes it a worthy opinion. The main reason you SHOULD compliment the person being that it’ll make them happy. And we should spread that as much as we can.
In contrast, if you hate the drawing or whatever, the drawing being an analogy, just shut up and walk on. You don’t know the whole story, you’re not entitled to judge anyone. Heck even if we discuss the drawing literally, who are you to say art is bad. Art is too subjective for anyone’s opinion to be valid.
Basically compliment people as much as you can. Genuinely of course…….though  there are grey areas. I mean when you have the power to make someone happy, to encourage them, to boost their confidence, why won’t you use it?


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  1. Another good idea is to pay yourself a compliment, that´s right, yourself. It´s good practice for complimenting others AND it let´s you see that if you can find something good to say about yourself then it won´t be so difficult to find something to say about a stranger. We all carry around baggage which often makes us feel that we don´t deserve a compliment. Break this pattern of self judgement and you will discover how much better it is to praise than condemn. Thanks for sparking off my thoughts. I´ve just tranformed my blog into a website but can´t find a way to offer a Like option so unless people leave a Comment I will have to live without the encouragement of Likes so I had better Like what I post! See you on http://www.dragonshades.com


    1. What?! So when you convert a blog to a website you don’t have the like option? That’s kind of sad. But worry not, I’ll try and keep up with your posts and comment ^^ I don’t use wordpress regularly so forgive my infrequency.


      1. That is really kind. My “like”problem could be that there is an incompatability with my template and the blog. It is not such a problem but I do love having contact with fellow bloggers whose support is always inspiring.


  2. Hahaha, I do this too and you are so right. I mean sometimes that small interaction can absolutely mean the world to that person. Your wisdom is beyond your years, thank you for a wonderful post 🙂


    1. Thanks! And thanks for taking time out to share your views 😀 I’m honoured


  3. people should do this more often OwO


  4. Wow…i really do that…i usually go around complementing random strangers…people sometimes look at me weird… :p


    1. Same here 😛 But the weird expressions are pretty amusing so it’s actually a win-win


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