Reality and it’s loopholes

Is it so bad to live in a fantasy world? What even is reality? What if you just took some facts from the ‘real’ world and molded them into you’re fantasy? Plausible deniability.

Ok wait what even is reality? I mean we hardly ever have all the hard facts anyway. We have a few and we deduce the rest. Is it reality when you’re deductions are cynical and a fantasy when you dream for beautiful things. Other people will say so. They’ll say you’re lining yourself up for disappointment, sure that may be possible, but what you think will happen isn’t going to affect what will happen. So at least the moment till the truth hits is magical. Whereas for the realists it’s bleak. The end will be the same. (Though Noetic Science suggests our thoughts affect the outcome, just saying) What if the end was great? You didn’t waste your time and mood in worry. If it didn’t work out, well for a moment you thought it would, you had hope. Worry cripples you, hope paints a picture that adds a skip to your step. Life’s too short to spend all that time worrying and anticipating the worst.

I’ve been depressed for so long I got sick of it. I choose my fantasy. The world where I will travel across the globe. The world where I can start an orphanage and school. The world where I can be a book author. The world where the little things don’t bug me so much. The world where I can make a difference. The world where adventures are real not just in books. The world where anything is possible.

I’m a very nostalgic person. Someone who looks back and wishes she had more time. Sometimes impatient with the present while comparing it to the past. But as I mentioned in a previous post I found a little idea on how not to let it bother me so much. It goes along the lines of,’ at least it happened’. You know, at least I have those memories to cherish, what if I never had them? I wouldn’t trade them. You can draw strength from the good times to get through the bad.

Isn’t it amazing how you had such a good time in the past you can’t stand the present? It’s a credit to your past. And come on, you can’t have it good all the way through life. Through the present, let the past power the light in your eyes and the brightness of your smile.

Spread the love. Keep yourself happy. Brighten up other people’s world with your optimism too. Happiness is a state of mind you make for yourself. If you want to be sad you’ll find a thousand reasons, if you want to be happy you’ll find a thousand reasons. Depends what you’re looking for.
Reality usually has loopholes.

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  1. Very articulate. Had fun reading it. Though tbh I read it while procrastinating on studying for the send up so idk. :p Also, remember, you’re = you are.


    1. Darn typo.
      You had fun reading it but you’re not sure whether it’s because you’re procrastinating or whether it’s actually good? Is that what you’re trying to say? 😛


      1. Exactly Since I have 4 hours to do 14 chapters I also went through the rest of your blog. I like. (y)


  2. As I was reading your blog, I can’t help but feel guilty. I say guilty because I my depression get the best of me that I don’t take the time to enjoy my life. I’m so busy worrying and feeling as though I’m alone, ignored, uninteresting and unloved that I miss out on so much. When I’m not spending my time brooding, I’m usually day dreaming about the good times. Your blog really opened up my eyes to the possibility that I can be happy, but it’s me who had to make the first. Thank You so much 🙂

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    1. Anytime my friend! You’re comment made me happy 😀 I’m a lot like that. When I get moody I also get stubborn, if anyone tried to convince me to look at the bright side I didn’t want to see it. I felt like I was entitled to my mood. But then it’s hard getting out unless you want to.
      It took me ages to realize I liked a good fantasy, and that that was okay….. It keeps you happier longer. And makes life more adventurous 😉 U call the shots. I just wanted to share it with other people too ^^


      1. You’re amazing! I have to follow your blogs now 🙂


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