It wasn’t just my fault

The double meanings
The subtle hints
They can’t be entirely fictitious
They were most definitely there

Here I was frustrated
Here I was shocked
That I was wrong for so many years
That my delusions had soared that far

Why twist me in such knots?
Why drag it on so long?
Worst part is, I wonder if it was unconscious
Worst part is, I’m still making your excuses

I am so completely drained
I am so completely done
The answer is no clearer
The answer is I must answer

Hell to the no.


3 responses

  1. Sighs. My dead and dark opinions on this are gonna make me sound like a narcissistic..


  2. ficklyanonymous | Reply

    Could really relate to this! Haven’t really been in a breakup before, but in my first real relationship at the moment. When the fights happen, this poem kinda gives me all the emotions which I kinda feel sometimes. Was a good read 🙂 Nice writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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