Day 14

By chance I’ve been watching random crash courses on planets, brown dwarfs (cool almost-stars), moons and what not and in almost every video the host is excited about the prospect of planets/moons with water having life on them. Like Europa, Titan, this other moon whose name I don’t remember seem like big possibilities to him because they have flowing water under their surface(not to mention volcanoes that erupt water)

Hence the current scientific belief is that for life you need water, just like this Ayat tells us. Not like science is the standard for comparison but nevertheless, it’s intriguing which is exactly the purpose of the Ayat. For us to marvel at and wonder. The Quran wasn’t revealed to give us scientific discoveries or details but to inspire us to look around in awe, no matter what our educational background. Hence this Ayat speaks out to every human, on multiple levels relative to their understanding of the world.

Note: Ayat means verse from the Holy Quran.

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  1. “Ugly bags of mostly water” It’s what an alien calls humans in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. “An accurate description sir. You are, after all, 90% water surrounded by a flexible container”

    Is the other moon Io? Or Enceladus?


    1. It was Enceladus I think 😀 I didn’t know you have an interest in astronomy!


      1. I did an Open University course in Astronomy 🙂 I am a member of an astronomy club and I love looking at the stars. I have a telescope and a pair of astronomy binoculars.

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        1. Wicked! 😀
          I’m not as impressive, I just watch random youtube videos and discovery channel documentaries on and off and dreaming of the day I own a telescope

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          1. That’s how I started. I was 42 before I owned my first telescope.

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            1. Hahahaa! That is so epicly inspiring 😀

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              1. 🙂 Yep, get one before I did.


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