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Book Review: Diary of Anne Frank


I don’t write book reviews. I haven’t written one since I lived in England I think, or maybe I did write one on Pride and Prejudice once for an assignment in Pakistan….but whatever I don’t really remember how to and I never felt inclined to learn. But after reading ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, sometimes published under the name of ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ I had to write about it. It’s a book that I HIGHLY recommend. It’s simply brilliant.

I took a picture of some of the parts that I especially enjoyed. The thoughts of a headstrong girl, misunderstood by those around her and fighting to remain cheerful in the midst of a war. Anne Frank was a Jew from the town of Frankfurt, Germany who moved to Holland when the Nazi’s came to power. However even Holland wasn’t safe from Hitlers reach and the Franks were forced into hiding in 1942. They stayed in hiding for over two years along with another family. The diary gives a personal touch to the everyday problems and dilemma’s that plague a young girls mind. Though when reading it you’ll find that Anne was extremely wise for her age, I would say maybe even more than most adults. A thought provoking must read for teenagers and adults.


Mahals of the Nawabs of Pakistan


Gulzar Mahal ~Bahawalpur,Pakistan


Darbar Mahal ~Bahawalpur,Pakistan

Went on a trip to Bahwalpur Pakistan to visit my cousins and historical sites…..
These mahals as they’re called were absolutely AMAZING! I felt honoured to be able to see them first hand.
Did you know that the ‘Nawabs’ who owned these buildings solely funded the Pakistani government when Pakistan was formed in 1947 for a whole 3 months! Thats how rich they were!
The Gulzar mahal was their guest house and the Darbar mahal was their office. I visited their house ‘Noor mahal’ too but I didn’t take a picture of it. The buildings were taken over by the army when the family’s descendants began squabbling over them.
The Noor mahal is open for tourists on weekends but the other two aren’t. Very few people are allowed inside because the army colonels,majors etc use the rooms as offices. I was allowed in because my uncle is a colonel.

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