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Gohans adorable amused and perplexed expression

Teen Gohan

Playful Teasing

Kaichou wa maid sama

Kaichou wa maid sama

Dwelling on times past

Just UsWe were all meant to be
Five people so different
Yet so complete

There was an understanding
An agreement between hearts
That was so secure,full of trust

School was a hangout
Everyday an adventure
Where missing out on one day
Was pure torture

Talking, as easy as breathing
Laughing as effortless as blinking
Always knowing you weren’t being judged

A sense of freedom and confidence
A pack that was invincible
We didn’t need the world

Too good to last
Time caught up with us
Tearing us apart
Throwing reality in our faces

Looking back on it all
The times feel too good to be real
A dream way too surreal




Abstract Gitch Mitch

Gitch Mitch

Inside joke




Awkward~ Avatar

The eyes


I don’t know what its called in English.

Its a painting of a Jaman the real fruit is next to the painting so you can compare it. I’m crap at painting so don’t mind if its amateur.

Some drawings

Guren when Yukimaru forgives her and accepts her as his ‘home’~Naruto                                                           Drawn by Aamna Aziz Jaspal

Lol this is a funny part in Avatar when Toph wants to go on a trip with Zuko too =P
Drawn by Aamna Aziz Jaspal

Sasuke~Naruto                                                                                                       I just love this expression xD
Drawn by Aamna Aziz Jaspal

Katara ~Avatar
Drawn by Aamna Aziz Jaspal

Awesome cloud formations =D

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