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Patriotism levels were high yesterday

Photograph taken on 14th August in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. 

14th August 1947 is the day Pakistan gained independence from British rule and established itself as a Muslim majority country separate from India. 

The day is celebrated with zeal and zest unlike any other holiday in the year. It is the day we remember the sacrifices our countrymen have made to make this country and celebrate how far we’ve come. 

This picture is a mere snippet of the enthusiasm with which every Pakistani joins in the festivities. People dress up whether they’re going out for a quick shop or to parade the streets singing nationalist songs. 

As you can see, no one misses out on the fun. 

The ruins



There is a road on the route my bus takes that’s lined with buildings that remind me of ruins. These buildings fascinate me so much xD

Photography: Kids can do it too

I couldn’t help but take a picture of this adorable kid. She was so cute I had to share her. 😀

Pakistani Bazaar(Market place)


Bargaining is the main art of shopping in Pakistan. We don’t feel satisfied until we get a good enough bargain. 😛 These skills take work.

The shopkeeper showing off the cloth designs for the crowd of eager customers.

I took some shots of the shops around me when I accompanied my mum to the market a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I like shops like this open on the streets…..they hold a kind of charm I can’t quite place. Though it is a pain when the sweltering summer sun is beating on your back and your sweating buckets cause there’s hardly a fan nearby. 😛

Some Rock

The erosion patterns are interesting.

The erosion patterns are interesting.

Mahals of the Nawabs of Pakistan


Gulzar Mahal ~Bahawalpur,Pakistan


Darbar Mahal ~Bahawalpur,Pakistan

Went on a trip to Bahwalpur Pakistan to visit my cousins and historical sites…..
These mahals as they’re called were absolutely AMAZING! I felt honoured to be able to see them first hand.
Did you know that the ‘Nawabs’ who owned these buildings solely funded the Pakistani government when Pakistan was formed in 1947 for a whole 3 months! Thats how rich they were!
The Gulzar mahal was their guest house and the Darbar mahal was their office. I visited their house ‘Noor mahal’ too but I didn’t take a picture of it. The buildings were taken over by the army when the family’s descendants began squabbling over them.
The Noor mahal is open for tourists on weekends but the other two aren’t. Very few people are allowed inside because the army colonels,majors etc use the rooms as offices. I was allowed in because my uncle is a colonel.

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