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Lol statistics say that most people have the best brainstorms in the shower…….this isn’t the case with me. My smart smart brain thinks of all the most important things when I’m trying to go to sleep. Brilliant innit? Anyway it was in one such thinking session that I was just pondering over life in general. On how hard it is to apply to universities,on how hard life is after marriage,all the responsibilities I need to fulfill and how much hardships I’m bound to face…….the thing is…..I might never get into the university of my dreams,my marriage might be a total failure, and in general nothing may work out as I wanted…..pretty depressing. BUT there is one thing I know for sure,with the utmost certainty and that is death. Yes I know I will die someday and since I’m not an atheist the one thing I can do that I am 100% sure I’ll be rewarded for is my good deeds.

Then you might think…..well even life after death you can’t be sure to go to heaven or hell…. that’s true but working towards it is much more worthwhile. Cause all good things in this life will come to an end but if you go to heaven that won’t ever come to an end. Doesn’t it make it worth it? Plus what does God ask us in return for heaven? To be good to people no matter what religion or beliefs they are from, to be compassionate, generous, selfless etc. Basically have the moral values that we should already have.

So yeah now I’m going to try my best to make a good life after death my priority and everything else second. Yeah I’ve always wanted to go to heaven but like come on…..I wasn’t as serious as I am now. Everything else should come second. So life can do whatever it wants to me I’ll try my best to take it and make it my way,but I’l do it the right way,with honesty,justice and compassion. =D My aim will be to help those around me, make their lives better and to get rid of my selfishness. And I through hardships I’ll remind myself that I know God never gives anyone more strife than they can bear.

Feelings first

I’m tired of letting people making me feel bad. Their opinions are their own and not of my concern. I tell myself that all the time but somehow it still hurts when I think about the stuff some people say. Yes I know from experience that no matter what you do you will always have haters. But these guys should seriously just keep their comments to themselves unless they can phrase them well enough to not cause damage.

I’m not one to talk…..actually no one is,I think. I am trying to fix this problem in me but sometimes when other people don’t seem like they care how the things they say effect others it makes me wanna not care too and give them a piece of my mind. No matter how hard we try we still end up hurting people,but that doesn’t make it OK. It means that we should really think before we say anything and yes I know that sounds like common sense,I mean your supposed to think before you say something yet we still end up not doing it.

Yes, I do believe in constructive criticism but their’s a way to give it. Not just giving rude comments and snide remarks,no matter who the person is or how well you know them it still stings. Lol and I know your probably thinking ‘what a wimp,she can’t even take some criticism’ but I still stand by these beliefs……….

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