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To travel

What lies in wait?
Round that corner? Across that bridge?
Is it all the people rave?
Is it more? I can’t wait
The anticipation, the adrenaline
It could be dangerous they caution
I shake my head to and fro
Secretly wishing it was so
Oh sweet utter addictingness of the unknown
You shall be seen, shall be explored
It’s what drives me, what excites me
Nothing beats the thrill
People doubt me, but I will

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Solar Year guys! I hope 2013 brings you joy and happiness, that your dreams come true and that the year exceeds all your expectations!

Know that the first step to fulfilling your dreams is by believing they are possible, every crazy twisted dream is possible. Make them your goals and work towards them, everyday, bit by bit.~A.A.Jaspal.

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