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Cause I’m arrogant…….

People think I’m arrogant when I say I don’t do past papers -.- Well technically they don’t say it, they think it. Plus they imply it pretty obviously…..I give them a solid reason in argument. If I did past papers before every school test, the test wouldn’t be a test. It would be a memory exercise. All our teachers give the exams from past papers and if I had already solved that question before and knew it, what exactly would I gain from taking the test. You take exams to assess yourself, how much you know and understand as well as how you apply your concepts. It’s not a memory test, contrary to popular belief. I seriously feel like saying this stuff but everytime I try I just get glares and cold shoulders.
I swear people, yesterday people in my class were complaining that the test they gave yesterday was so hard. They hadn’t done any of it before and they’d done a lot of past papers. I was literally facepalming myself. I even said it, out loud, ‘Thats called a TEST’. They just don’t get it. Or maybe I just don’t get it…..either way its exasperating.
Oh and today my point was proven. It was my chemistry exam and I was worried about it. I had done most of the syllabus but I wanted to practice some questions so that I could assess myself. So I finally opened the past papers randomly. I did one and realized how serious my situation was, so I decided to do another. I did two past papers and checked them using the official marking scheme. I didn’t score well in either of them but I went over my mistakes so I wouldn’t make them again.
I go to school, and sit in the examination room, nervous knowing that I don’t know enough…….or so I thought. I open the paper and bam, the first question is one of the questions in the second past paper I did. I groan inwardly but continue on in the hope that something different is next. You can guess what was next….ANOTHER question I knew. I looked through the whole exam frantically and realized it was a word to word copy of the paper I solves mere hours ago. Answering the questions was childs play and it was frustrating. I like being challenged. Sure I feel crap afterwards but at least I learn something. -.- I’m still bugged about it. I can’t compete with my friends now because that’s unfair. The exam I gave is the equivolent of not giving it……that’s gonna hurt ME in the long run…….. Oh and if I say any of this to someone they’re going to think I’m proud. Peachy.

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