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Winter forest


Islamabad, Pakistan

Just another day


Saidpur Village, Islamabad, Pakistan

Of stone cut pathways


Saidpur Village, Islamabad, Pakistan


Saidpur village, Islamabad, Pakistan

These are some pictures I took from a phone while visiting Saidpur Village, a village located in Islamabad (Pakistan’s capital), last weekend.

The village predates Islamabad by centuries. There’s a Hindu shrine located in it that’s over 300 years old according to the locals. That’s more than 4 times Pakistan’s age (70 years this year).

I’ll post more pictures of this gorgeous village in a few days.

1/4 towers of Faisal Mosque

One of the towers sourrounding Faisal Mosque

One of the towers sourrounding Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

One of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world, Faisal mosque is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. I’ve had the honour of going there twice. It is absolutely stunning and the design is both tasteful and at the same time practical.  The tiles on the floor are not the ordinary ones you tend to find but of a special stone that doesn’t absorb the suns radiation. So when they ask you to take your shoes off before entering, it’s not much of a problem.

Muslims from all over the country come to this beautiful mosque so there’s always quite a crowd. You feel a strong sense of brotherhood and equality as soon as you enter……a feeling that has its own joy.

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