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Summer’s still here




Dwelling on times past

Just UsWe were all meant to be
Five people so different
Yet so complete

There was an understanding
An agreement between hearts
That was so secure,full of trust

School was a hangout
Everyday an adventure
Where missing out on one day
Was pure torture

Talking, as easy as breathing
Laughing as effortless as blinking
Always knowing you weren’t being judged

A sense of freedom and confidence
A pack that was invincible
We didn’t need the world

Too good to last
Time caught up with us
Tearing us apart
Throwing reality in our faces

Looking back on it all
The times feel too good to be real
A dream way too surreal




Bring on the logs

Flickering FireWhen there’s no gas or electricity you know it’s time to go back to the old times and huddle around a fire. The fire flickered so beautifully, it almost looked alive.

Some Rock

The erosion patterns are interesting.

The erosion patterns are interesting.

Birthday Morning

The clouds on my birthday were awesome 😀 Totally boosted my mood and gave my hope that the day wouldn’t be that bad considering I might not get to see my friends.

They were a good omen I guess, cause the day turned out to be pretty awesome. (the pictures were taken from a moving car)

More Clouds

True, I post tonnes of cloud pictures, but what can I do? It’s their fault. They always look so breathtaking. 

Beautiful Clouds

These are pictures from a MOVING car so forgive the lack in quality. I was going to visit some relatives and on the way I just loved the clouds in the sky so I had to take pictures.



Mango Orchard



These pictures were taken ages ago but I never had the time to post them before now. These were taken in a mango orchard near Multan a city in Punjab, Pakistan. It was really beautiful and we had lots of fun there with our cousins. Everywhere you looked the trees were drooping with mangoes. They were green and later we were told that when you take the mangoes off the trees they’re initially green, then they’re put into boxes with a special chemical which after a few days ripens them and turns them yellow.

We went in June and since Pakistan is pretty close to the Equator the temperature was pretty high. BUT the trees provided so much shelter that the sunlight hardly touched us. It wasn’t even that hot until we left the orchard……So basically if you want a cool back garden, plant trees! Lol though you probably already know that.



I took this picture from a moving car when me and my family went to Murree,Pakistan to cool down from the heat in the lowlands during summer of 2010.

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