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Doodling 0.0


Shall we?

And our eyes danced.


Anyone can use fancy words, it’s what they do that counts. ~A.A.J

To be patient

Patience is a virtue often mistaken as weakness. But the fact is, to be patient, is to be the strongest.  ~A.A.Jaspal

For my Granddad.


Stuck in my head

Hold your own
know your name
and go your own way. ~Details in the Fabric

Something I liked…

Freedom of expression without responsibility leads to chaos~SomethingIReadOnTv

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Solar Year guys! I hope 2013 brings you joy and happiness, that your dreams come true and that the year exceeds all your expectations!

Know that the first step to fulfilling your dreams is by believing they are possible, every crazy twisted dream is possible. Make them your goals and work towards them, everyday, bit by bit.~A.A.Jaspal.

Open your eyes

See the world. Don’t just look, see with your eyes, mind and heart.~A.A.Jaspal


“He accepted disgrace in the place of honour
Hate in the place of love
and yet Itachi Uchiha still died with a smile on his face.”~Naruto

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