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Musings Part 1

I am in such a story writing mood! I just wanna sit and type but there’s a whole load of stuff I need to do first! >.< The cricket match article for the magazines due and I just can’t get my head into it so its dragging. I still have to sign the kids certificates; I have 80 left. :O
On the plus side there’s no school tommorow, though thats not that great. I like hanging out with my friends. Plus staying at home all day is boring and depressing these days. The only advantage is sleeping….a big bonus, but it’s the only one.
Oooooh I just remembered, I’m in deep shit. I borrowed a book from a teacher and  I left it in the common room while I went to do some work in the computer lab. Now the thing is, I was told to guard the book with my life….I thought I was doing the job but when I came back to collect it, it was GONE!! You cannot imagine the fear that went through me. I was so scared. I looked everywhere! Then I asked some girls from my class and they said the said teacher was shocked to see his book lying around and that he’d taken it back! 😡 He probably thinks I’m an irresponsible idiot…….Ok, the situations a little better now. I JUST got a reply from him…..he says its alright…… But I still need to apologize personally and beg for the book again 😛
Now…..back to the article……

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