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What’s the point of heaven? >.<

I just had the most beautiful thought! The story behind it is kind of embarrassing but I’ll share it with you…….It’s not that long and you might not find it embarrassing but I do. I still do.
Since a couple of days I’ve been wondering what the point of heaven is……….see it’s embarrassing. Who wonders that? I felt scandalous of the thought but I couldn’t help thinking it. I’ve been stuck at home for a while now because of holidays and I can’t wait to go to university. So now you’re wondering how can someone not get it? It’s heaven. You get to do what you want…… Well that was the problem…..we get chances in this life to do what we want as well, and after a while it gets boring doesn’t it? You’ve always wanted to play a video game say ‘Naruto’ and you finally have the time. So you play, you play for hours, you play for days. But you get bored of it afterwards. I was wondering along the lines of, say you like to study, in heaven there’s no point of studying. Say you want to travel, there’s no where to go really. Say you like food…..how long exactly can you keep eating? I believe in Allah. I believe in hell and I believe in heaven. I just didn’t get it. The heaven part.
I felt stupid and I felt dumb. I felt like an idiot and a bad person. I still feel guilty. And I just had the sweetest beautifulest thought that just made me smile inside and out. It’s so utterly simple and so obvious.
If Allah can make this world, and we enjoy some of it to varying extents, can’t He make it for us if we wished it in heaven? Can’t He make it better? Can’t He make us, not bored? If we enjoy this, we’ll enjoy heaven even more. It’s not impossible. Allah has does it before and he can do whatever he wants. If we want our memories erased and to go on adventures, whatever, He can make it happen. Anything, ANYTHING beyond our wildest dreams. The answer is so simply elegant. ❤
I just wanted to share that…..though it was hard to write……

P.S if you know me, and you are reading this. Please, never, NEVER mention it to me. EVER. Please and thank you!

Shifa Inter-Scholastic Tournament 2013

Background flex of the stage

Background flex of the stage

The Shifa Inter-Scholastic Tournament 2013 held in Faisal Mosque was awesome! Granted that yes there was a little mismanagement, mostly technical difficulties, but I have yet to attend an event were there weren’t any difficulties. Having organized an event myself I know that you can’t foresee everything.
It was delightfully refreshing to see so many people so enthusiastic about Islam. The competitions were stimulating and the people friendly to no limit. The SIST team was so co-operative, they listened to every problem, big and small with patience and tried their best to fix them. Most events I go to, the people are too busy trying to be everywhere that they don’t respond well to complaints or difficulties. They tell you they’re sorry and that there’s nothing they can do about it now.
They refreshed the participants’ memory about the teachings of Islam while at the same time allowing them have fun. There was Islamic jeopardy, art, calligraphy, short filming, tajweed (recitation of Quranic verses with the proper pronunciation), debates, journalism etc. I took part in journalism and jeopardy, though I was only serious for journalism.
People came from all over Pakistan and the Youth Club along with the SIST team had arranged for Islamic speakers to hold seminars from 3:30-8:00 for both days i.e. 9th and 10th February 2013. My favourites were Imran Mansur and Kamran Kiyani, the others were great too but these two really grabbed my attention and kept it. They’re speaking style wasn’t he typical boring monotonous type. It was full of energy and thought provoking. The theme this year was ‘Six feet below and beyond’ i.e. death, life after death and its inevitability. Everyone who attended sat in rapt attention during any and all speeches, not something too common. People normally doze off and chatter amongst themselves. Time flew as lecturer upon lecturer took the stage and gave us all things to ponder about, to question our habits and our hobbies.

My badges and team card

My badges and team card

I plan on trying my best to go next year too and to take lots of people with me. People should host more events like this so that the youth can get involved and get back on track. We just need people to remind us in a way we understand.

Meaning to life,of life

Life seems so bleak these days. Meaningless and useless. Doing the same things day after day with little variations or alterations, the same meaningless chatter and the same routine. I find myself sitting in the middle of a class or a conversation just thinking ‘What’s the point of this?’. Its deadening my perspective and I’m not enjoying it. I don’t know what to do to make myself stop thinking like this but its a direction my thoughts inevitably take. So then what is there to do?

I don’t believe that there’s nothing after death. There has to be. I was talking to a friend yesterday and she raised some great arguments against common atheist questions. They say that the since the universe is so huge with so many galaxies, the chances that one planet among these billions can support life isn’t far fetched. They say that the Earth isn’t made for us but we’re made for the Earth. We adapted to the Earths atmosphere and the Earths environment;not the other way round. But then why haven’t any other life forms adapted to the conditions on their planet? Why don’t we discover living things on Mars which need carbon dioxide the way we need oxygen. Or if its the lack of water which hinders them then why haven’t we found any fossils since recent research has shown that Mars did once have water……why didn’t they find a way to come into existence?

I guess I should concentrate on carrying out the duties my beliefs tell me to. They’re not hard, everyday things that we should do anyway. Pray, give charity, be generous to others, be a good neighbour, be a source f comfort for other people, be compassionate, treat guests like royalty, swallow my pride and anger etc.

Some people say they live life in a way that will leave a mark on the world, in history. But still……what good does that do you? Your dead. You might say that your future generations will be proud but again that doesn’t matter anymore….. It’s a pretty twisted reality unless you have a belief in an afterlife……….food for thought………..

Use your brains people

People…..Muslims….. What are you doing?! What do you hope to accomplish by burning your own buildings, destroying your own cars and wrecking havoc in your own country? Is this like a new kind of emo thing except on a larger scale? Because you do know your not hurting anyone but yourself?

Islam is a religion of peace. And how are you showing it? If you want to make the people who made the video and the people who allowed it to be published pay then stop cutting yourself and instead just boycott YouTube and demand the American government for justice. I mean how can they say that degrading women is sexist, calling someone black is racist but disrespecting Islam is free speech?

Faisal Mosque

One of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world, Faisal mosque is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. I’ve had the honour of going there twice. It is absolutely stunning and the design is both tasteful and at the same time practical.  The tiles on the floor are not the ordinary ones you tend to find but of a special stone that doesn’t absorb the suns radiation. So when they ask you to take your shoes off before entering, it’s not much of a problem.

Muslims from all over the country come to this beautiful mosque so there’s always quite a crowd. You feel a strong sense of brotherhood and equality as soon as you enter……a feeling that has its own joy.

YEAH its Chaand raat

Ok so today is CHAAND RAAT =D hmmm I guess you could call it Eid eve…..its like Christmas eve but better! Lol thats my opinion. But the sad part is I got a sore throat and the flu……I swear of all the days the sickness could pick it picked the most inconvenient one….right on the bulls-eye. But I’m working through it.

Today we’re making lots and lots of cookies….gonna stay up and put mehndi/henna on myself and my cousins. My brothers getting back from the mosque today and tommorow we go to the village. I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait…though I’m not sure why…. Ok so on eid basically you go round peoples houses, relatives and friends, and you have lots of fun. Haha and for most kids and teens the best part is probably the money you get from your parents, aunts and uncles. Its cute watching little kids count their money and compare how much they got with other kids.

Last night my cousins and I had a competition…art competition just for the fun of it and the theme was eid. Well the cousins I live with are small but it was still fun. The picture I’m posting is the one I made.

I’m going to miss Ramazan. Its the month when you feel all religious and good. When you feel closer to Allah or God. It encourages you to change for the better and you learn how to abstain from stuff like food and drink. You realize the hardships that the less fortunate face on a daily basis and that breeds a sense of compassion. To me, Ramazan is like the start of a new year a time when I resolve to be a better person a better Muslim.

I hope my throat and flu clears up……………Gotta go…..kids want me to put mehndi on them…..EID MUBARAK TO EVERYONE! =)


Lol statistics say that most people have the best brainstorms in the shower…….this isn’t the case with me. My smart smart brain thinks of all the most important things when I’m trying to go to sleep. Brilliant innit? Anyway it was in one such thinking session that I was just pondering over life in general. On how hard it is to apply to universities,on how hard life is after marriage,all the responsibilities I need to fulfill and how much hardships I’m bound to face…….the thing is…..I might never get into the university of my dreams,my marriage might be a total failure, and in general nothing may work out as I wanted…..pretty depressing. BUT there is one thing I know for sure,with the utmost certainty and that is death. Yes I know I will die someday and since I’m not an atheist the one thing I can do that I am 100% sure I’ll be rewarded for is my good deeds.

Then you might think…..well even life after death you can’t be sure to go to heaven or hell…. that’s true but working towards it is much more worthwhile. Cause all good things in this life will come to an end but if you go to heaven that won’t ever come to an end. Doesn’t it make it worth it? Plus what does God ask us in return for heaven? To be good to people no matter what religion or beliefs they are from, to be compassionate, generous, selfless etc. Basically have the moral values that we should already have.

So yeah now I’m going to try my best to make a good life after death my priority and everything else second. Yeah I’ve always wanted to go to heaven but like come on…..I wasn’t as serious as I am now. Everything else should come second. So life can do whatever it wants to me I’ll try my best to take it and make it my way,but I’l do it the right way,with honesty,justice and compassion. =D My aim will be to help those around me, make their lives better and to get rid of my selfishness. And I through hardships I’ll remind myself that I know God never gives anyone more strife than they can bear.

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