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They think I’m strong
I’m stubborn and independent
Maybe that’s what fooled them

I can do what needs to be done
Pushing forward, feelings aside
Though that doesn’t mean I don’t hurt

I care too much
Get attached too easily
Disappointment and heartbreak 1-0-1

They think I can fight my battles
Like I said, I can do what needs to be done
Though that doesn’t mean I don’t need help

I’ve learnt to do everything myself
Self preservation more than anything else
Better not hope than cry all the time

Don’t be alarmed
Though yes, this is self pity
But like I said, I’ve grown used to it with time

They think I’m strong
I laugh and cry
Keeping up the act and dying inside

Carefree grin


Little light

In memories you glide

Bringing unstoppable smiles to my face

My mood adjusts and suddenly everything’s right

I can’t even recall why my heart cried

It’s a wonder how you manage such fetes with such grace

Though I will never question my little light

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