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In someone else’s shoes


So many random thoughts just keep demanding my attention but when I analyze them and contemplate writing on them I just think it’s wrong, or think who am I to judge, or that I don’t have the right to point fingers etc….But its ‘Me n my WEIRD thoughts’ so yeah, freedom of expression right?

So maybe I’m wrong. I’m open to that.

Coming to the topic I just wanted to talk on how people like some know can be so malicious? How can they justify their actions when they know how badly they’re going to hurt the other person? That the reason they’re upset is because of something you did?  I’m not being depressed or anything….I’m fine but I know that the loser in my life could lash out at any time, for no reason. I’m writing about it because at first I thought the idiot was one of a kind evil. Apparently not….Someone I know has a similar issue. Her sister is making her life hell, without any guilt or mercy.

When I heard I was outraged, still am. But I can’t go around messing in people’s private life now can I? So I thought I’d write about how wrong it is. It’s mental abuse when you torture someone with words and actions. It’s brutal. You may think your right, that you’re punishing the person because they deserve it. But who are you to judge? You could be wrong. Think about it, without any prejudice. The best way is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about what you would have done.

If you’re the one being attacked, think about what you did to deserve it. If you are responsible, honestly, apologize, try to make things right. There has to be a reason why they’re lashing out. But if the persons a psychotic lunatic whose just torturing you because they can, leave them. When they talk, cut yourself out of the conversation emotionally. Don’t take the words to heart. Let them pass over your head and don’t give them a second glance. If what they say affects your life, speak up, don’t let them ruin you. Speak calmly and don’t lose your cool, that’ll really drive them nuts.

We can’t really make sure that we never hurt anyone at all, but we can make sure that we cause as minimal damage as possible. If you have to break bad news to someone….try to say it right.

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