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Mango Orchard



These pictures were taken ages ago but I never had the time to post them before now. These were taken in a mango orchard near Multan a city in Punjab, Pakistan. It was really beautiful and we had lots of fun there with our cousins. Everywhere you looked the trees were drooping with mangoes. They were green and later we were told that when you take the mangoes off the trees they’re initially green, then they’re put into boxes with a special chemical which after a few days ripens them and turns them yellow.

We went in June and since Pakistan is pretty close to the Equator the temperature was pretty high. BUT the trees provided so much shelter that the sunlight hardly touched us. It wasn’t even that hot until we left the orchard……So basically if you want a cool back garden, plant trees! Lol though you probably already know that.

Mahals of the Nawabs of Pakistan


Gulzar Mahal ~Bahawalpur,Pakistan


Darbar Mahal ~Bahawalpur,Pakistan

Went on a trip to Bahwalpur Pakistan to visit my cousins and historical sites…..
These mahals as they’re called were absolutely AMAZING! I felt honoured to be able to see them first hand.
Did you know that the ‘Nawabs’ who owned these buildings solely funded the Pakistani government when Pakistan was formed in 1947 for a whole 3 months! Thats how rich they were!
The Gulzar mahal was their guest house and the Darbar mahal was their office. I visited their house ‘Noor mahal’ too but I didn’t take a picture of it. The buildings were taken over by the army when the family’s descendants began squabbling over them.
The Noor mahal is open for tourists on weekends but the other two aren’t. Very few people are allowed inside because the army colonels,majors etc use the rooms as offices. I was allowed in because my uncle is a colonel.

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