What type of love tears you up inside?
Makes you want to abandon all you believe in
That too without even being asked?

What type of love makes you retreat into yourself?
Makes you struggle over thoughts and words
That too without any care or concern?

What type of love fills you with such desperation?
Makes you willing to love through your own hell
That too without any gratitude or acknowledgement?

What type of love leaves gaping holes in your heart?
Makes you yearn for mere words, true or not
That too without compassion or even a thought?

I’ll tell you
The wrong kind


12 responses

  1. So true. Love it.


  2. Quiet the opposite…thats the best kind of love there is….the only kind!!! (Reply to the post)


    1. Haha I agree to an extent. That’s true love. But it hurts you a lot, you should factor that in.
      You can love someone but facing reality is sometimes kinder than hoping for it to be returned. Just don’t expect anything and go about your business…..

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      1. True that…but our heart just keeps on waiting for a miracle to happen…no Matter how hard we try not to…


        1. Idk its just a vicious cycle that keeps tearing me apart!!!


        2. I knoooowwww.
          So much energy spent there. I don’t know if it can even be helped, with time maybe…

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  3. Sometimes letting it go becomes really difficult. Thereby falling into the loops of self-destruction. However, as you rightly said it should be avoided.

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  4. every concept has a cycle, and it acquires various forms at different periods. The same is with the concept of love, it keeps changing 🙂


    1. I agree. But the concept of love may involve one or two people. One if only one person loves the other, two if both love each other.
      But it being destructive or constructive depends upon them both. The destructive kind is merely a distraction, and sometimes to the extent of masochism. Sometimes you just have to let go.


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