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Bachelorette party for the bestie 

Easy bachelorette/bridal shower party decor ideas anyone can do.

DSC_0234 (2)

Parwaz’16 Inauguration Photobooth

Parwaz is the annual college magazine of Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. Parwaz is an Urdu word meaning to rise, soar or fly. I was assigned with making the back drop for the inauguration which was held on the 19th of April 2017.

I am so unabashedly proud of this xD Most of my original art ideas turn out crap. Literal rubbish. Horrible. But this one was so cute, pretty and elegant. *sigh*

So what is it composed of?
The framework consists of two poles with golden wires strung and intertwined between them. Crepe paper and newspaper flowers have been suspended from the wires along with black birds cut out of computer paper.

Picture Credits: Gulzam Hafeez


From left to right: Chief editor Parwaz’16 Dr Rabia Anam, Principal PMC Dr Fareed Zafar, ex-HOD Pathology department Molazim Hussain Bokhari and Deputy Chief Editor Parwaz’16 Dr Abida Batool

DIY card for any occasion


DIY card for any occasion. I left the inside blank because I’m not sure what I want to use it for yet. It can be a Birthday card, Thank You card, Christmas, Eid, anything really card.

Materials: Chart paper, ruler, black pointer, scissors, glue, Ferrero Rocher wrapper, ribbon and net.

All the materials I used to make it are in the picture.Hope you like it. Happy card making. ^^

Chaand Raat Party’16



The decor for the Pre-Chaand Raat party this year. ^^
Chaand raat‘ literally translated to ‘Moon night’ is what we Urdu-speaking Muslims call the last night of Ramazan when the moon is sighted, signalling the end of the holy month. Ramazan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar in which Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to dusk and it is a very spiritual time for most of us.

The month of Ramazan can be of 29-30 days depending entirely on the moon. For the past 2-3 years it’s been for 29 days.

Everyone is usually busy on the actual chaand raat with preparations for Eid ul Fitr (the first couple of days of the month following Ramazan i.e Shawal), the three days of celebration after the month of fasting, or with family members who are coming back from ‘itekaaf‘ (voluntary seclusion from society to pray and strengthen personal faith, to be closer to Allah during the last 1,3,5,7 or 10 days of Ramazan) and so we usually have the party for friends and family on the night of the 28th of Ramazan at aftar time (the time when Muslims break their fast at dusk).

Iman and I did the decor in a night with some motivating helpful ideas from Pinterest. 🙂
‘Eid Mubarak’ or ‘Happy Eid’ is the greeting (accompanied with hugs and kisses) that is used on the three days of Eid. ‘Almost Eid Mubarak’ is a weird kind of joke, no one says that just to clarify. xD


20131227_203908Leaves floating on a stream that’s reflecting the bank 🙂 My second half decent painting.


Eren Jaegar – Attack on Titan

'When we're born, all of us are free. The burning water, the land of ice....I don't care what! Anyone who saw those things would be the freest person in the world.' ~Eren Jaegar

‘When we’re born, all of us are free. The burning water, the land of ice….I don’t care what! Anyone who saw those things would be the freest person in the world.’ ~Eren Jaegar

Carefree grin


Brave Sakura chan

Sakura chan

Deep in thought

Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa maid sama

Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa maid sama

Gohans adorable amused and perplexed expression

Teen Gohan

Playful Teasing

Kaichou wa maid sama

Kaichou wa maid sama

Dwelling on times past

Just UsWe were all meant to be
Five people so different
Yet so complete

There was an understanding
An agreement between hearts
That was so secure,full of trust

School was a hangout
Everyday an adventure
Where missing out on one day
Was pure torture

Talking, as easy as breathing
Laughing as effortless as blinking
Always knowing you weren’t being judged

A sense of freedom and confidence
A pack that was invincible
We didn’t need the world

Too good to last
Time caught up with us
Tearing us apart
Throwing reality in our faces

Looking back on it all
The times feel too good to be real
A dream way too surreal




Abstract Gitch Mitch

Gitch Mitch

Past the Mask

DepictionElizabeth walked beside Annabelle, talking animatedly about her latest stunt with the eagles that often passed her house. They were strolling around the crowded school courtyard during the one recess they got all day. Annabelle gasped right on cue as Elizabeth discussed how the eagle swooped down, almost grazing her head. She was trying to concentrate on what Elizabeth was saying but her mind couldn’t focus. It kept straying to the recent fight her parents had had. They had yelled at each other for hours and it ended only when her mother stormed out of the house in tears. Her mum still hadn’t come back yet, though it had been a week, and whenever she approached her father, he was difficult. He wouldn’t talk. Or if he did, the sentences were brief. Annabelle shook her head, trying to to get the thoughts to go away. Elizabeth was done with her story and the silence wasn’t bearable.

“So I heard you started watching ‘Glee’ right?”

“Pfftt dude, I watched like four episodes and I hated it. They totally ruin songs.” Elizabeth teased.

“Hah! No way! Their voices are amazing! They do the original artists a favour by singing their songs.” She laughed, the distraction was working.

“Plus the guys aren’t even hot. There’s no point of watching a show without hot guys.” winked Elizabeth.

Annabelle couldn’t help laughing. Trust Elizabeth to get her cheered up with her carefree air. She felt lighter and the worries seemed more distant. Glancing up she noticed Sam observing her. She flushed. The loneliness came back. Why had she ever left Sam for Elizabeth? Sam was her best friend. She understood Annabelle without so much as a word from her. She always knew what to say and what to do. Now Annabelle had popularity and a reputation in school. Sam was still with the old crowd, the odd ones. Her life was a mess but no one knew, no one could tell, and no one cared. As long as she was smiling and laughing at their jokes nothing else mattered. She was just another face.
Annabelle was quiet. She glanced wistfully at the ‘odd’ crowd, her crowd. Sam had left and she tried looking for her but the courtyard was too crowded. Elizabeth hadn’t noticed her silence or distraction, and had taken advantage of the gap to recount another one of her many stories. Annabelle just nodded, wishing she could go back to Sam and apologize. Wishing she could do it without bursting into tears and wishing above all that Sam would, could forgive her for stepping on her to get into the ‘popular’ gang. The bell rang, signaling the students to get back to their classes for lessons to start. She trudged beside Elizabeth, trying not to think about anything. Trying to keep everything at bay.
They were on the steps when a hand touched her shoulder. Turning around, she saw it was Sam. In her eyes she saw understanding not the betrayal and judgement she was used to. There was something else too, but it couldn’t be possible. After all she’d done, how could Sam forgive her. But her she was, standing before her, hands in pockets.

“I’m here.” Sam said.

Tears stung Annabelle’s eyes. She wasn’t alone.

In someone else’s shoes


So many random thoughts just keep demanding my attention but when I analyze them and contemplate writing on them I just think it’s wrong, or think who am I to judge, or that I don’t have the right to point fingers etc….But its ‘Me n my WEIRD thoughts’ so yeah, freedom of expression right?

So maybe I’m wrong. I’m open to that.

Coming to the topic I just wanted to talk on how people like some know can be so malicious? How can they justify their actions when they know how badly they’re going to hurt the other person? That the reason they’re upset is because of something you did?  I’m not being depressed or anything….I’m fine but I know that the loser in my life could lash out at any time, for no reason. I’m writing about it because at first I thought the idiot was one of a kind evil. Apparently not….Someone I know has a similar issue. Her sister is making her life hell, without any guilt or mercy.

When I heard I was outraged, still am. But I can’t go around messing in people’s private life now can I? So I thought I’d write about how wrong it is. It’s mental abuse when you torture someone with words and actions. It’s brutal. You may think your right, that you’re punishing the person because they deserve it. But who are you to judge? You could be wrong. Think about it, without any prejudice. The best way is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about what you would have done.

If you’re the one being attacked, think about what you did to deserve it. If you are responsible, honestly, apologize, try to make things right. There has to be a reason why they’re lashing out. But if the persons a psychotic lunatic whose just torturing you because they can, leave them. When they talk, cut yourself out of the conversation emotionally. Don’t take the words to heart. Let them pass over your head and don’t give them a second glance. If what they say affects your life, speak up, don’t let them ruin you. Speak calmly and don’t lose your cool, that’ll really drive them nuts.

We can’t really make sure that we never hurt anyone at all, but we can make sure that we cause as minimal damage as possible. If you have to break bad news to someone….try to say it right.

Inside joke




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