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What type of love tears you up inside?
Makes you want to abandon all you believe in
That too without even being asked?

What type of love makes you retreat into yourself?
Makes you struggle over thoughts and words
That too without any care or concern?

What type of love fills you with such desperation?
Makes you willing to love through your own hell
That too without any gratitude or acknowledgement?

What type of love leaves gaping holes in your heart?
Makes you yearn for mere words, true or not
That too without compassion or even a thought?

I’ll tell you
The wrong kind


Imposing Your Standards

“Dude, how can you eat that? Wafers are nasty!”

“Stop updating so many status’s, no one cares.”

And so on. Yes, I think most of us have heard some of these lines or parts of them before. People telling us to do the things that they prefer with no regard to the possibility that we might actually LIKE what we’re doing or eating.

What they don’t get is that everyone’s taste buds aren’t the same, we have different choices so it’s not mandatory that we should enjoy the same types of food as each other…….and as far as Facebook status’s or tweets on Twitter are concerned I just have one thing to say, if you don’t like what you see then the solution is as simple as ‘unfriend-ing’ or ‘unfollowing’. You don’t get to tell someone how to manage their status, tweet or blog. Its their own personal choice what they wish to share. No one is asking you or forcing you to read it so get a life and keep your unconstructive criticism to yourself.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for constructive criticism, I mean that’s how we learn right? How to improve ourselves. But unconstructive criticism has no purpose other than to put down the other person. Its another way of saying ‘I’m better than you’ or ‘Your lame’. It’s mean and spiteful and yes, any one of the people reading this have every right to disagree with me and share their views I’m open to see a different side to this act. But this is what I believe.

I’m not just talking about status’s or food hate. I’m talking generally as well. Everyday things like “you sound weird” or “I don’t like your style”. What I’m trying to say is before saying something you should look at the situation from another point of view, not just your own because there are two sides to every story. Before saying something ask yourself whether you are helping anyone with your remarks.

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